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GOLDENAGE CLUB invests in startups, in the stock and cryptocurrency
markets, and in the development of its products.

GOLDENAGE CLUB specialists have created software that allows all trading operations to be carried out automatically. This software contributes to the diversification of the client’s digital assets and the receipt of projected income on an ongoing basis. GOLDENAGE CLUB employs exclusively highly qualified specialists in entirely different areas: IT, trading, analytics.
The quintessence of knowledge, a large amount of experience, and competent money management allow you to achieve all the tasks set while minimizing risks. Strict adherence to financial stability standards, competent capital management, and our clients’ protection are the fundamental principles of GOLDENAGE CLUB policy. With the aim of long-term cooperation, we have created a platform that allows us to increase our investors’ income. Using GOLDENAGE CLUB service will allow you to increase your income by 0.4% of the amount invested every day for 200 days.

We also want to draw your attention to the GLC decentralized defi tokens created by us, temporarily distributed among our investors. The future, their use will become possible in the company’s products. GOLDENAGE (GLC) is decentralized crypto currency, which was created to work all over the world without a central authority and banks. DEFI GOLDENAGE (GLC) – Passive staking: The increase in the number of GOLDENAGE  tokens in your wallet leads to their multiplication. Each transaction will be subject to a 5% redistribution fee tax. Staking tokens is easy to learn:  you need to hold them in your wallet, thereby increasing your balance. This does not require additional UI. Liquidity providers are automatically rewarded.  Deflationary Algorithm: We use coin burning technology for GOLDENAGE. 1% of each transaction carried out is destroyed. GOLDENAGE works on an independent,  decentralized blockchain system. On the basis of the GOLDENAGE crypto currency, the GOLDENPAY multi-crypto currency platform which will be implemented, is intended for online payments and crypto currency exchange around the world. The main advantage of the GOLDENPAY platform is support of a huge number of crypto-currencies with the possibility of paying for services and products through a simple, yet secure API connection to popular online stores, CMS systems, start-ups. The investor will be able to store all of his assets on the personal account of the GOLDENPAY platform without having to download individual wallets for each coin, with the possibility of exchanging among themselves inside the wallet. For the input of funds, as well as currency conversion, the service will charge a fixed commission; if you keep GOLDENAGE on the balance sheet – you get an automatic discount for trade and transfers. Two projects will be launched on the GOLDENPAY platform, the decentralized GOLDENPAY exchange and a bulletin board with an integrated online store based on blockchain. The investor will not only be able to earn at crypto-currency auctions, but also, having GOLDENAGE on his account, he will receive the maximum discount when making purchases or sales in the online store.



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GOLDENAGE (GLC) token is a defi token for the Decentralized EXHANGE (GOLDENAGEPAY) . GOLDENAGE token is developed by a group of people who want to share the equal great opportunity to the holders through a decentralized network. GOLDENAGE (GLC) token leverages the decentralized (blockchain) network because it offers more greatness compared to a centralized network. They believe as a token, it can be nurtured to become a priceless token to the holders while at the same time to be used on an application that provides secure and transparent transactions on top of a smart contract designed to get all involved persons to have the same opportunities to grow their accounts actively and passively on an ecosystem.

GOLDENAGE (GLC) token team’s vision is to grow the token’s value by using it actively and passively in an ecosystem. Thus, the value of the token can be maintained and tend to be increased over time. This vision can be gained through Decentralized EXGANGE (GOLDENAGEPAY).

Passive staking The increase in the number of GOLDENAGE (GLC) tokens in your wallet leads to their multiplication. Each transaction will be subject to a 5% redistribution fee tax. Staking tokens is easy to learn: you need to hold them in your wallet, thereby increasing your balance. This does not require additional UI. Liquidity providers are automatically rewarded. Deflationary Algorithm We use coin burning technology for GOLDENAGE (GLC) token. 1% of each transaction carried out is destroyed.

We are in talks with reputed cryptocurrency exchanges for listing of the GOLDENAGE (GLC) and we expect the GOLDENAGE (GLC) token to be listed of distribution completion.

The withdrawal GOLDENAGE (GLC) will be available after the distribution.

GOLDENAGE (GLC) token is running on top of the Binance Smart Chain which is one of the largest blockchain-based operating systems in the world. The token leverages the Binance Smart Chain network because it offers high-throughout, high-availability, and high-scalability. Binance Smart Chain can support GOLDENAGE (GLC) token in rendering a swift transaction time with the lowest fees compared to other smart contract networks, whereas pace is one of the nowadays application requirements.

We request you to please check all the folders in your inbox including the spam folder. The email might be there. If, however, it is not there, kindly contact our support team and someone will come back to you in a timely manner to sort out your issues.

Yes, If you are an active partner of GOLDENAGE, a unique loyalty system has been prepared for you, consisting of 5 referral program levels (5%-4%-3%-2%-1%).

Any bonuses can be withdrawn every day the minimum withdrawal amount is 55 USD. The withdrawal is available in BTC and USD. The withdrawal process usually takes 1-3 days. In case of a high load on the blockchain network, as well as a large number of requests from users, the processing of the transactions can take up to 5 days.

Blockchain is a chained data structure in which data blocks are connected in a sequential manner in chronological order, and cryptographically guaranteed undistorted and unforgeable distributed database books. Its data structure is composed of data blocks arranged in chronological order. Each data block contains transaction information over a period of time, and is time stamped with a pointer to the previous block.

A cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency that uses cryptography for security. A cryptocurrency is difficult to counterfeit because of this security feature. A defining feature of a cryptocurrency, and arguably its most endearing allure, is its organic nature; it is not issued by any central authority, rendering it theoretically immune to government interference or manipulation.

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